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Create multiple commands to be executed on startup or can be selected from a combobox
and executed afterward. Commands are executed using ShellExecute Api.

When OnStart is true command is executed when the program starts - execute command on entry point;
if OnStart is false command will be added to combobox on main dialog;

IfParametersNoGui - No gui if process (program) has parameters - if process has parameters don't show gui (no dialog)
NeverShowGui - Never show gui (no dialog)

Custom strings replaced with their proper value:
envir.var:var_name = get environment variable with the name var_name
currentdirectory - current directory - from where the process was started
currentmodulename - the current executing module or process main exe
programparameters - all program parameters (strings) joined to a string
programparameter[index] - get program parameters at specified index, index is a number starting from 0
selectedfile/selectedfolder - file or folder specified from program launcher (browse dialog)
selectedfile/selectedfolder doesn't exist in MultiLauncherCreatorCustom

// - single-line comment start
/* - start of a delimited comment
*/ - end of a delimited comment
Comments will be removed from command before executing the command with ShellExecute Api.

For output exe can be choosed a icon, require Adminstrator manifest, and version information.

How to use:
1. First enter the command in Command textbox and
then add it to command list by clicking on Add button
2. Create the executable using the Create button.
3. Choose output file name
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